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Virtual Power Purchase Agreements


The low-risk and reliable way to secure the best energy deal.


Your Energy Works for You and the Planet

What is a virtual power purchase agreement?

Virtual power purchase agreements (VPPA) for renewable energy enable energy buyers to meet their sustainability goals without the risk, capital expenditure or on-site solar installation. Energy buyers enter into long-term financial agreement and receive a fixed energy price and renewable energy credits (RECS) in return.

Community solar is low risk

Custom VPPA

We assess your energy requirements and create a program catered to your business.

Earn Stable Income

No Operational or Management Costs

The responsibility of owning and maintaining the renewable energy project stays with OYA Renewables.

Meet Your Sustainability Goals

VPPAs provide Renewable Energy Certificates and contribute to decarbonizing the grid.

Virtual Power Purchase Agreement Process

VPPA vs Community Solar vs On-site Solar

Contributing to the transition to renewable energy has become easier with a variety of options to support your sustainability strategy and property portfolio. What you choose depends on your level of risk and your business goals.

Power Purchase Agreement

Ideal for companies with multiple properties or a large energy load.

  • No capital expenditure and no on-site installation
  • Long-term, fixed price electricity and RECs

Community Solar

Very low risk and highly flexible for all sizes of companies

  • Long-term, savings up to 10% on your electricity
  • No capital expenditure and no on-site installation
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On-site Solar

Enhances property values and best for commercial properties with large rooftops or parking lots.

  • Long-term revenue stream from leasing
  • On-site installation with no capital expenditure
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Contact Us for an Energy Evaluation

Our team will reach out to you to start the evaluation and gather any information we need. You will receive a proposal with our recommendations and the next steps.

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