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Save Today with Community Solar for Municipalities

OYA Renewables help any size of municipality transition to clean energy through building personalized community solar programs and accessing state gant programs and incentives.

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The Community Solar Basics

Subscription-based solar programs enable all municipalities to set and reach renewable energy targets.

Community solar is the most accessible option for any size municipality and was designed specifically to remove barriers to participate in renewable energy. Based on a subscription model, New York State community solar eliminates the costs associated with owning and operating solar on your property. Instead, community solar is installed by a solar developer such as OYA Renewables and administered by your utility. Your subscription appears on your bill and the 10% discount as well. 

OYA Renewables Unlock Savings With Community Solar

Why Municipalities are Choosing Community Solar

The benefits of community solar

Many municipalities are choosing community solar as an easy win on their path to sustainability. With OYA Renewables’ deep knowledge of government solar incentives and grants, municipalities will receive personalized support in grant applications and recommendations, in addition to the savings from community solar.

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Unlock Government Grants

Access government-funded incentives and grants specially designed for municipalities.


Sign up and forget about it. We make it easy to become a member, all you need to do is pay your utility bills, same as before.

Our Community Solar Subscribers

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How to Sign Up to Community Solar?

We make it easy for municipalities to sign up to a community solar program. We set it up for you and the discount appears automatically in your account.

1) Find Your Utility Bill

We size your subscription using the information from your utility bill to ensure you get the most savings possible for your usage. The last twelve months is ideal for us to size it accurately.

2) Fill Out Your Community Solar Application

Complete the form below to indicate your interest in starting a community solar subscription.

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3) Secure Your Spot

A representative from OYA Renewables will reach out to you about your community solar subscription and to answer any questions you may have. At that time, you can decide to sign up and your spot will be secured for when your community solar program launches.

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Fill out the form below to get started with community solar. If you would like to reach out to a member of our community solar team, please email us at subscribe@oyarenewables.com or call us at +1 716-218-4350


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