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Community Solar for Everyone

Start your community solar application today. If you would like to reach out to a member of our community solar team, please email us at subscribe@oyarenewables.com or call us at +1 716-218-4350

Benefits of Community Solar

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Reduce Your Utility Bill

Members of our community solar programs receive up to 10% savings on their monthly electricity bills.

No Cost, No Risk Solar

There’s no fees or other costs to become a member and no need to install individual solar arrays.

Support Clean Energy

By becoming a community solar member you will help build clean energy in your community.


Share the sun and the savings with community solar. Support the transition to clean energy and make a positive impact on your community with community solar. Community solar helps to power small businesses with renewable energy so they can reach their sustainability goals while making a positive impact on their community.

Our Community Solar Members

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How To Sign Up For Community Solar

It’s easy to become a community solar member. All you need to fill out our application form is your recent utility bill. We’ll check your electricity usage and assign you a spot in one of our community solar programs.

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Cost Savings

1. Find Your Utility Bill

We use your recent utility bill to match your subscription to how much energy you use monthly, so you can receive the most savings.

Clean Energy

2. Complete Your Community Solar Application

Fill out our application form below (link to form) to submit your membership request. An OYA Renewables representative will reach out to confirm your details and complete the sing-up process.

Community Solar Project Area

3. Your Spot is Confirmed

Once we receive your subscription agreement your membership is confirmed. We’ll send you regular updates letting you know when your community solar program is expected to go live.