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Benefiting from Clean Energy Transition Technologies

OYA Renewables builds a comprehensive clean energy solution tailored to each client. From on-site solar generation to electric vehicle chargers and battery storage, businesses access reliable and convenient products and services that reduce carbon emissions and support corporate sustainability strategies.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Reduce electricity costs through implementing one to many of our clean energy technology including: on-site renewable power generation, saving demand charges, implementing virtual power plants (VPP), and participating in solar programs.

Clean Energy

Supporting Your Decarbonization Plans

Clean energy technology is vital to every sustainability strategy, incorporating renewable energy with electric vehicles and battery storage.

Flexible Commercial Structures

Flexible Commercial Structures

You select the level of upfront investment and ownership ranging from zero upfront costs to project development and costs paid upfront by you.

Endless Combinations of Renewable Energy Technologies

We drive your energy transition forward with one-place for your combination of clean energy technology. Leveraging our development expertise across North America, we design the right solution with the right technology for your business.

Turnkey EV Charging and Fleet Management

Offer electric vehicle charging as an amenity to customers and generate charging session revenue or satisfy your fleet of electric vehicles. With two options include wireless or plug-in options, you create a seamless user experience.

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Commercial On-site Solar Generation

Generate carbon-free electricity from on-site solar using existing rooftop and parking space and minimize energy expenses. Shave demand charges and avoid periods of high grid emissions when you add in battery storage.

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Groundwater-sourced geothermal delivers cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient heating and cooling for buildings.

Leveraging Development Expertise and Partnerships

Why Choose OYA Renewables

OYA Renewables draws on a network of clean energy technology partners and renewable energy development expertise to achieve your energy transition goals. Carefully sourced and vetted, our clean energy solutions are convenient, reliable, and customizable. As more clean energy technology enters the market and becomes viable, we are continually expanding our offerings to provide the most effective and personalized energy transition solutions for our clients.

What’s the Process to Deploy Energy as a Service?

At every step of your energy transition, we are guided by your goals and requirements to deliver a seamless and fully integrated clean energy solution.


In our initial consultation, we meet with you to discuss your goals, current sustainable program, and properties.

Preliminary Review

Our in-house engineering and project development teams analyzes your site to determine the which combination of renewable energy and clean technology will bring the greatest value.

Finalize Energy Transition Plan

Our final energy transition proposal and plan is driven by your goals and properties, and refined by our preliminary review and on-site visits.

Construction of Your Renewable Energy Project

Construction of your renewable energy project will vary depending on the number of sites and the energy solution.

Maintenance and Operations

OYA Renewables takes care of the maintenance and operation for all assets unless you have decided to own and operate the renewable energy assets.

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Dive Deep into Energy as a Service Resources

We have collected together OYA Renewables’ articles and other resources to help you visualize your energy transition roadmap.

Your New York Electricity Bill Explained

Most New York electricity customers will be paying the System Benefits Charge (often listed as SBC or RPS on their […]

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Creating Value from EV Charging and Solar Carports

Join this webinar on electric vehicle charging and solar solutions to learn how to create value from sustainable and renewable energy.

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4 Ways Onsite Solar Generates Business Value

Top corporations across America are pouring resources into developing solar energy, including some familiar names such as Apple and Amazon, and supporting these investments with lobbying.

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OYA Renewables Community Solar Project, Robinson Road, Reaches Commercial Operation

OYA Renewables, an energy transition solutions platform, announced today that one of their solar projects, Robinson Road, a 6.7 megawatt (MWDC) solar farm in Orleans, New York, has reached commercial operation and will support broad consumer access to solar-powered electricity generation across the state.

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OYA Solar Reaches 12% Penetration In The New York Community Solar Market With Omni Navitas Agreement

OYA Solar will fund and own Omni Navitas’ 600 MW community solar pipeline in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, creating a combined development pipeline for both companies exceeding 3 GW.

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OYA Solar Secures Multi-Project Community Solar Subscription with Rensselaer County

YA Solar, a solar developer and asset owner, announced today that Rensselaer County has subscribed for 7.4 MWDC of clean energy from OYA’s community solar projects in New York State.

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