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The Benefits of OYA’s Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

EV Charging Solution

One-Stop to Net-Zero

OYA offers turn-key EV charging alongside other clean technology solutions so businesses can focus on their core business and rely on one service provider throughout the energy transition project lifecycle.

Savings with EV Charging

Customizable EV Charging Solutions

Flexible solutions and individualized programs for each client.

Excellent End User Experience EV Charging

Excellent End-User Experience

OYA’s core focus on reliability, innovative technology, and interoperability with other networks delivers a superior EV charging solution for end-users.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Enhanced Cost Savings with Aggregated Clean Transition Bundle

OYA Clients can integrate EV Charging solutions with on-site solar, battery storage and our virtual power plant platform to optimize energy costs and benefit the grid.

Flexible Commercial Structure for EV Charging

Flexible Financing Structure

To eliminate the need for upfront capital investment, OYA owns and operates the EV charging infrastructure through a subscription model with annual payments. For clients looking to own infrastructure, we can tailor our services and the subscription to meet their needs.

Comprehensive EV Charging Solutions Built for You

OYA offers EV charging solutions for your business so that you can focus on your core responsibilities while making a significant impact on reducing emissions in the environment.

Project Planning

We build an optimized electric vehicle implementation and transition plan to maximize your cost efficiencies and meet your sustainability targets.

Project Development

Our in-house project development team drives your project forward with expertise in engineering, permitting, construction, and commissioning.

Software, Operations and Maintenance

You receive full support throughout the lifespan of the EV Charging Solution, including access to back-end and customer-facing software platforms, preventative and corrective maintenance, call center support, and driver billing and settlement

Financing and Incentive

We help remove financing barriers to accessing EV charging solutions with infrastructure financing and facilitating the acquisition of public funding to offset costs.

Improving Your Sustainability Performance

EV Charging Solutions with on-site solar plus storage avoids periods of high grid emissions and is supportive of corporate sustainability strategies.

Why Work with OYA Renewables

Reliable and Trustworthy Partners

Experience & Expertise

OYA Renewables has extensive energy industry experience and has successfully executed large-scale projects from site assessment to long-term operation.

Project Development

Effective Project Development

Our standard is on-time and on-budget completion of large-scale energy infrastructure projects. Our in-house teams and vertically integrated ecosystem follow optimized and proven processes developed over decades of direct experience.


Strategic Partnerships

OYA Renewables delivers high-quality and cost-effective electric vehicle charging solutions, drawing on our partnerships across the EV value chain.

Building Your Electric Vehicle Charging Solution

OYA Renewables strives to build a comprehensive solution with convenient project delivery, meeting the clients energy transition needs every step of the way.

Energy Transition Consultation

Concierge Project Management

Maximize Incentives

Equipment Procurement

Permitting and Installation

Software Integration

Infrastructure Operations and Maintenance

Customer Support

Connect with Us

Start the process of meeting your sustainability targets with EV Charging. It all starts with a consultation with one of our energy transition experts.

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