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Three Quick-and-Easy Steps to Leasing Your Land

Developing and building a solar farm takes strong partnerships and expertise to get from start to finish. We pride ourselves on building trusting relationships with the communities where we build and stakeholder that help us navigate the many checks and balances. At every step of the way, OYA works closely with landowners, maintaining open and honest communication.

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Selecting Right Land for Solar Farm

1. Selecting the Right Land

We work closely with landowners to plan the site location and our expert team evaluates your land using criteria such as proximity to power lines and substations.

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Planning and Permitting a Solar Farm

2. Planning and Permitting

During the diligence period, project stakeholders are engaged and we work through engineering and design to secure utility interconnection agreements and site plan approvals, which includes all environmental agency sign-offs.

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Building a Solar Project

3. Building a Solar Project

Active construction of the solar array takes approximately 6 or more months, including all utility/substation upgrades.

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Producing Solar Power

4. Producing Solar Power

The solar farm would produce power for the next 25+ years, with only routine, annual maintenance visits by an operator. The landowner receives annual lease payments and has no obligations to maintain the solar farm.

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The team at OYA believes in long-term, trusted partnerships with landowners that are built on integrity and reliability. Our knowledgeable project developers will guide you through each step ensuring that any questions or concerns are addressed. Starting from day one, the landowner is our number one priority and that doesn’t end when the project becomes operational. With over 10+ years experience building solar projects and over 3 GW in development, our team has the experience and expertise to successfully see solar projects through to completion.

End-to-End Partnership

We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients by developing tailored approaches and solutions to meet their needs.

Economic & Environmental Benefits

We bring cost-effective energy and widespread economic benefits to local communities where our projects are built.

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How long does it take to develop and construct a solar farm?

Generally, for a 2-5 MW solar farm, the development takes 8-14 months. However, the development timeline largely depends on the utility company’s interconnection process and, local/municipal permitting and approval processes. Construction can take an additional 5-10 months depending on construction timing based on seasonal considerations.

Who will be responsible for the permitting and associated fees?

OYA’s experienced team will be responsible for the entire permitting process as well as any and all associated costs.

How long will you lease my land?

Typically, the average term for our land leases are 25 years but this can vary depending on the region and the project. We also may offer extensions which may be two, four, or five years in addition to the original lease term. While discussing the lease agreement with you, we lay out the terms and what happens at the end of the lease.

Leasing Your Land to Solar

Landowner Guide

Download this guide to leasing land to solar to get all your fundamental questions answered. We answer what is in a typical solar project lease, lease rates, what we look for in a land, and others.

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