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Working Remotely During COVID-19: Tips From OYA Renewables

Over the past week, hundreds of millions have taken refuge from the coronavirus and started working from home. While remote working has been accelerated in the U.S. and Canada, for many of us, it’s a new experience.

At OYA, we’ve treasured the experience of working close together in one space and the kind of creative problem solving that supports. Our teams are adapting to the change by calling and using remote meeting services to maintain that connection.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing personal tips and inspiration from others that are helping us adapt and stay productive.

Staying Fit while Keeping Your Distance

As a marketer at OYA Renewables, I am fortunate to have a great team and work that easily translates into new circumstances, but it has been more of a struggle to keep physically active, the part of my life that keeps me happy and productive.

After my gym closed, I had to make some adjustments to when and how I work out. Instead of lifting weights and going all out at the gym, I am going for early morning trail runs while they are still empty and where I can keep a two-meter distance.


I am working on keeping my family active too. We are fortunate to live in an apartment building with a large green space outside that no one seems to use. Before work, at lunchtime and after work, I take my son outside to play tag and get some fresh air.

Here are some tips to stay active while keeping everyone safe:

If you are under a stay-at-home measure or you do not have access to relatively empty outdoor space, the best course of action is, of course, to stay inside. If it comes to that here, I will be turning to online fitness courses to keep myself healthy, happy and productive.

–  Janet Janzen, Marketing

It is truly inspirational how the solar industry and renewables have come together to support one another and to continue the work we believe is critical to fight against climate change. At some point, this crisis will pass and when it does, all the hard work we have put into continued development of solar project will show.

Stay tuned for more stories or tips that help us to stay productive while adapting to these unprecedented times. If you have any tips or stories you wish to share, please connect with us on social.

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