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Massachusetts’ Opportunity To Get SMART About Solar

In this op-ed Vote Solar takes a look at what it will take to keep up the momentum of Massachusetts’ solar market.

by Sean Garren, Vote Solar

Massachusetts has long led the nation in solar development and jobs. The Commonwealth ranks seventh in the nation in solar installations, second in solar jobs, and first in solar jobs per capita. This solar leadership has translated to hundreds of businesses, thousands of jobs and healthier communities and environment.

The Commonwealth’s solar growth is built primarily on two bedrock policies – net metering and the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC). Right now, Governor Baker is working to replace one of these central solar policies, SREC, with a new Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program. Whether the SMART program is effective or not, along with whether caps on net metering are removed or raised, will determine whether Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in solar power.

The SMART program has a good aim – to nearly double the Commonwealth’s solar – and a strong underlying structure, but the proposed tariffs that will implement SMART need several key improvements to work.

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