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Toronto Company Pursues Another Solar Project

LAFARGEVILLE — The Toronto developer that wants to build four community solar arrays in the towns of Orleans and Clayton now hopes to erect a fifth one in the vicinity.

OYA Renewables plans to install 19,162 panels across 40 acres off Robinson Road in Orleans for its latest 5-megawatt project, said Greg Rossetti, a principal of OYA. The array will be separate from the 20-megawatt project that includes four arrays, each one 5 megawatts, with a combined 88,000 panels spanning five properties, in Orleans and in Clayton.

The developer always wanted to construct five arrays for a combined 25-megawatts, but National Grid officials previously claimed the substation on Route 12 in Clayton that the developer wanted to connect its arrays to could not accommodate all them. Upon further examination a few months ago, however, the utility found the substation could accommodate another five-megawatt array, Mr. Rossetti said.

The developer hopes to begin installing panels for its larger project in the next month and a half, but construction for the latest array may not commence for another year and a half, Mr. Rossetti said.

Read the full article on NNY360 and learn more about OYA’s New York solar projects.

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