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NYSERDA Competition Brings Funding to Affordable Housing

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is giving out $40 million in a competition they’re hosting called the Buildings of Excellence. The competition is an excellent opportunity for affordable housing organizations with multifamily units; it allows them to get funding for very low or zero carbon-emission building design and construction.

With this competition, NYSERDA believes they can make a significant impact on carbon emissions by reducing onsite energy use. Currently, multifamily buildings are responsible for 45% of all carbon emissions. This competition will help make a dent in carbon emissions by supporting affordable housing solar programs, which will impact an underserved population largely living in multifamily housing, and low carbon-emission construction. By changing the way we build in New York, we can make the goal of an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 a reality.

The evidence is in round one. Affordable housing organizations are already taking advantage of this non-conventional funding mechanism for their multifamily housing and winning. For the residents of those buildings, they get the chance to live beautiful, sustainable housing that serves them and their environment. The competition also expands accessibility of community solar for low-to-moderate income households helping lessen the burden on community services in New York City. In general, the competition is providing more options to participate in renewable energy solutions.
Don’t wait to apply for funding. Visit the NYSERDA website to see the winning projects from round one and to get started on your organization’s proposal for the next round.

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