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Solar Power News in Links: November 2021

High impact solar power news and updates from the month of November

November saw the most powerful people in the world coming together for COP26 – even if at the last minute – to make commitments to combatting climate change. On the national level, our leaders also managed to pull a win out of a tough fight, to pass the Build Back Better Bill. Not everyone came out happy with the results. Glance through our links below to get the main points.

Biden Gets the Go Ahead to Build Back Better

The $2 trillion economic and social spending package was passed on November 19, 2021. $550 billion of the bill will go towards combatting climate change and could be a game changer for solar. The Investment Tax Credit (ITC), a subsidy for solar installations, was bumped up to 30% from 26%, meaning savings for residents and encouraging more utility-scale installations.

COP26 Ends with a Soft Glasgow Pact

World leaders met for over two weeks only coming to consensus just before midnight on November 23. This meeting came at a time when every continent had seen the effects of climate change first-hand. Wildfires in the U.S. and then flooding in Canada were particularly devastating this year. In the end, the language was more loose than binding on reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. Of note was the “Breakthrough Agenda” that committed to the deployment of clean energy.

New Bill Introduced in Wisconsin Allowing Third-Party Ownership of Solar

Most states allow third-party ownership of solar installations – under this bill (LRB 1550/1), a third-party could install the panels and lease the area from the owner, and in return, the owner gets the energy or the net-metered credits directly. This follows two other bills, SB490 and AB527, currently in committee, that would allow community solar. Both are pro-consumer and would help expand access to solar to those who can’t install or afford their own.

Virginia May Expand Access to All Utilities

If Virginia passes the legislation, then access to solar would expand to everyone in the state. The state also has a strong LMI incentive to sign up disadvantaged communities and increase the allotment of 150 MW. At just 1% of all the electricity that Dominion provides, it’s a small pilot program.

Making Solar Even Greener with Low Impact Solar Development

At OYA, we support low-impact solar development whenever possible – introducing native plants and reducing the impact of construction on the ground conditions is the “greener way to go green.” Learn more about green practices during solar development.

Know Your Facts about Climate Change and Educate that Hold-Out at Christmas

Do you find yourself searching for the right argument at family and friend gatherings? The NY Times has just made it a little easier to nudge that hold-out to the “green” direction. Originally written for Thanksgiving, this list is helpful at any occasion.