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Solar Power News in Links: October 2021

High impact solar power news and updates from the month of October

October was the month for massive goal-setting and major developments on solar bills across the U.S.  We saw commitments to community solar and the release of several studies that supported these initiatives. Read on to learn more about solar news in October.

Biden Administration Aims High for Community Solar

The Department of Energy set an ambitious target of powering the equivalent of five million homes with community solar by 2025. For anyone doing the math, that would mean an increase of approximately 700% in community solar generation over the next three years. Read the original press release on the Department of Energy website or take a moment to read a summary from The Hill.

Biden Beyond Solar: The Other Clean-Energy Commitments

What’s included in Biden’s Clean Energy Plan? If you would like to get a general picture of Biden’s clean-energy commitments, take a moment to read the Washington Post’s coverage of the administration’s Build Better Plan where Biden unveils his plan to invest $555 bn on clean energy.

Economic Benefits to Community Solar for Michigan

Community solar has significant economic benefits. A study by Michigan State University estimates that nearly $1.5 billion will be injected back into the economy in addition to the creation of thousands of jobs.

Snapshot of Solar at the State-Level

In several states, we’ve seen some significant steps forward through local bills that support solar energy. In Ohio, House Bill 45 was introduced to permit community solar in electric distribution utilities (EDUs) territories. New Mexico’s Public Regulation Commission (PRC) voted unanimously to adopt a draft Rule that would help move their Community Solar Act forward.

Growth and Supply Issues for Solar

COVID-19 has affected supply chains globally and this has slowed production for solar projects. As this Bloomberg article notes, solar energy growth rates are slowing as shortages of key components increase.

Baaaa – Sheep Grazing and Solar Projects Help Farmers

To end with on a lighter note, Western Producer, an agriculture magazine, has approached agrivoltaics from the farmer’s perspective and found that it can significantly increase productivity and not decrease the value and potential of the land.