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Webinar: Affordable Housing + Community Solar: Now is The Time

Community solar at the portfolio scale can generate significant value for affordable housing property owners and tenants alike. In this seminar, industry experts will explain how Rooftop Community Solar can deliver economic benefits to affordable housing organizations and their low-income tenants.

This solar structure requires no capital outlay and is accessible to non-profit and for-profit affordable housing organizations. In addition, community solar helps organizations comply with Local Law 92, which requires that affordable housing owners incorporate solar or green roofs for certain new roofs.

In addition to a background provided by OYA and CrauderueffServices for the UnderServed will give their inside perspective and outline why they decided to commit to solar projects on 18 properties within their portfolio.

About the Webinar Organizers

OYA Renewables + Crauderueff Solar

OYA Renewables and Crauderueff Solar are committed to making solar accessible to all affordable housing organizations in New York State.

OYA and Crauderueff bring extensive experience with community solar project development and solar for affordable housing. OYA Solar is an integrated community solar company that develops and owns systems in New York State. As such, OYA is committed to developing, building, and operating solar projects that provide clean energy and widespread economic benefits for our customers and the communities we serve.  Crauderueff Solar is an affordable solar developer specializing in the New York market.

Services for the UnderServed

Services for the UnderServed (S:US) envisions a city where everyone has a roof over their head, is healthy, productive and can enjoy the social connections that create a life of purpose. Founded in 1978, S:US works with 35,000 individuals and their families every year to create pathways to rich and productive lives by offering housing, employment, skills-building, treatment, and rehabilitation services.

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