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Commercial Solar Leases for On-site

Monetize Your Property with Commercial Solar Leasing

Installing and owning solar facilities requires a steep upfront capital investment, operating costs, and time and effort. With a solar lease from OYA Renewables, you receive an additional revenue stream from the under utilized space on your property but with none of the responsibility or risk.


How does on-site solar leasing add to your property’s value?

Reaping the financial benefits and increasing your property value can be hassle-free and low-risk with on-site commercial solar leases. A solar array on your property adds value for re-sale, and in many jurisdictions, ensures compliance with standards for green buildings, reducing money spent on other measures.

No Capital Expenditure

No Upfront Capital Expenditure

Enjoy the benefits of going solar with no up-front or ongoing costs or maintenance.

Earn Stable Income

Earn Passive Income

Leasing your property for a solar rooftop or carport creates an additional revenue stream.

Tax Incentives

Tax Incentives

Installing a solar project on your property may qualify you for tax credits and other incentives that can be claimed on federal income taxes.

What Can You Expect from a Commercial Solar Lease?

Assessing Your Property for Commercial Solar Leasing

Step #1

Assessing the Site

We have the engineers to understand a site. OYA Renewables completes a preliminary site assessment to measure available area and evaluate the condition of the building.

Planning and designing your Solar Project

Step #2

Designing and Planning the Solar Project

We start by working with the property owner to ensure that we are respecting their needs for the space. Since we are planning a long-term relationship, we want to make sure that the system is sited appropriately, and any necessary access and clearance is preserved.

Permitting and Development of Commercial Solar Leases

Step #3

Permitting and Building Codes

The maze you don’t have to navigate. We work with government authorities at the municipal and state/federal government levels to ensure the solar project meets all building code regulations and environmental requirements.

Installing Solar Panels for Commercial Leases

Step #4

Installing the Solar Panels

We know which solar mounting system and contractors perform best. OYA Renewables manages construction and works hard to minimize the potential impact to the building owner and tenants.

Connecting Solar Project to the Grid

Step #5

Connecting the Solar Project to the Grid

We have long-standing relationships with utilities to move projects forward. The utility will connect the project to the local grid to start generating power once all verification is complete.

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Why Choose OYA Renewables for Commercial Solar Leasing

Your property is as valuable to us as it is to you, and we take every possible step from day one on to ensure success. Since 2009, our team of engineers have been designing large-scale solar projects for commercial buildings and parking lots.

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Expanding Renewable Energy Portfolio

Over 3 GWDC solar energy development pipeline across North America and growing.

Experienced in Solar Development

Founded in 2009, we have 800 MWDC of community solar and utility-scale development projects across North America.

Leading the Renewable Energy Transition

In our active markets, we are a leading solar developer and in New York we are in the top three.

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How OYA Renewables Greened the MBTA

Case Study: Massachusetts

OYA Renewables worked closely with Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority to develop and install solar carports or rooftop solar arrays at 10 stations in their network.

Several local municipalities signed power purchase agreements for the solar arrays at the stations ensuring that the community directly supported and benefited from local clean energy.

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By partnering with OYA Renewables, you can be a force for change while meeting your corporate sustainability targets. Fill out this brief form to get started.

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