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Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing Your Land for Solar

Answers to some of the most common questions about leasing your land for solar in exchange for financial benefits.

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NYSERDA Solar Programs and Incentives New Yorkers Need to Know

Learn about the numerous programs and incentives that NYSERDA offers to support and encourage the development of solar and help New Yorkers.

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Lowering Energy Costs with Community Solar in the Industrial Sector:

Join us on August 9th, 2023, for a webinar on how community solar can be used to reduce your electricity costs with no capital expenditure.

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What is a Microgrid and Why is it Essential in the Transition Toward Sustainability?

For many businesses, the pursuit of sustainable energy solutions is undeniably gaining momentum and a multitude of creative models and […]

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Ukraine Targets Initial $40 Billion for “Green Marshall Plan”

Ukraine is seeking up to $40 billion for a “Green Marshall Plan” to rebuild its economy, with the aim of building a green steel industry driven by renewable energy.

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OYA Renewables Forms Strategic Partnership with OpConnect

OYA to deploy OpConnect’s EV charging solutions within its pipeline of energy transition projects across the US Toronto, ON – […]

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Creating a Sustainable Future for Agriculture: How Agrivoltaics and Regenerative Farming Work Together

As farmers and landowners become more interested in leasing land for solar farms, many share similar concerns over maintaining the […]

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Building Better Communities: Accessing NYSERDA Solar Programs 

Learn how to unlock government grants and incentives for your community.

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What You Should Know Before Leasing Your Land to a Solar Company

As more communities look to renewable energy to power their homes and businesses, many landowners are being approached to lease […]

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