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Everyone Can Benefit from
Community Solar

It’s important to us that everyone can benefit from renewable energy. We make our community solar programs free to all members and offer up to 10% discount on monthly electricity bills. It’s that simple. #communitysolarcares

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Our Community Solar Members Come First

“First of all I want to thank you for being so patient and for getting us that information that you did.

I am just thankful you were able to find me and get in touch with me and my husband about this program because I was extremely interested right away from the beginning.”

-Lori Grabar, Village of Perry, New York

Benefits of Community Solar


Tax Incentives

No Cost, No Hassle

To participate in community solar, there are no hidden fees or upfront costs, and no need to install roof solar.

Clean Energy

Give Back to Your Community

Community solar programs gives back to your community with clean energy. It’s more than just savings on your electricity bills for your household or business, community solar benefits your neighbors and local community.

How Do I Start My Community Solar Program?

It’s easy to sign up to a community solar program and it won’t cost you anything to get started. All you will need is your utility bill and to fill out the form below. We will then check your electricity usage and assign you a spot in one of our community solar programs.

Fill out Your Application

1) Find Your Utility Bill

We use your utility bill to match your subscription to how much energy you use on a monthly basis, so you can receive the most savings.

2) Complete Your Community Solar Application

Fill out the form below to submit your membership request. An OYA Renewables representative will reach out to confirm your details and complete the sign-up process.

3) Your Spot is Confirmed

As soon as we receive your subscription agreement, your membership is confirmed. We will also send you regular updates letting you know when the community solar program is expected to go live.

Your Questions Answered

The answers you need, to some of our most frequently asked questions about community solar.

How Does The Community Solar Subscription Work?

On your electricity bill each month, you will see the community solar credits from your subscription, also called the ‘subscription fee.’ We will match as closely as possible your electricity usage to the community solar credits you receive from our community solar program.

For example, if you use $100 worth of electricity in a month, you would receive $100 worth of community solar credits. Your savings come from us giving you up to 10% discount from those credits ($10 in savings in this example).

How Is Community Solar Membership Free?

Solar developers and state agencies work closely together to deliver free and accessible community solar programs to all their members. For example, in New York, community solar is a NYSERDA program and its main purpose is to encourage adoption of solar energy and other renewables while removing barriers that prevent businesses and households from participating in solar.

You can read more about the NYSERDA program and the NY-SUN act here to help understand how community solar is free to businesses and residents in New York.

What Will My Savings Be?

We give our community solar members 10% of the credit their subscription generates from our community solar farm. Monthly savings may vary slightly but the annual savings will come very close to 10%, if not equal it.

Savings can vary slightly from month to month depending on the number of sunny days and daylight hours, and how much electricity you use.

Get Started

Get Started with Your Community Solar Membership

Interested in becoming a community solar member? Or just have more questions. In any case we want to hear from you. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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