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Residential Community Solar

No Roof Community Solar for Residential

You don’t need to go through the hassle of installing solar on your property. No matter if you’re a homeowner, renter, living in an apartment or a townhouse, you can sign up to our community solar program and start saving on your utility bill. Join a local community solar project and support renewable energy. Each month, you can save up to 10% on your utility bills.

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Community Solar for Your Home

Community solar is the easiest option. You don’t have to worry about installing or maintaining solar panels on your property – we take care of it all.

Earn Stable Income


Reduce your electric bill up to 10% monthly and save for decades.

Clean Energy

Support Clean Energy

Signing up to solar helps build clean energy in your community.

Tax Incentives

Job Creation

Supporting the creation of long-term jobs and economic growth in local communities.

Power up your Knowledge of Community Solar

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A Deep Dive Into Community Solar Pros And Cons

As a community solar company and now, independent power producer, OYA Renewables knows community solar programs and policies inside and out.

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What is a Community Solar Program?

A community solar program is when multiple parties share the same power and financial benefits of a solar energy project. Learn all about community solar, how it works, its benefits, and the signup process.

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Your Top 5 Questions on Community Solar

Despite the astonishing increase in the number of community solar installations over the past few years in New York and across the United States, the general awareness of community solar remains very low.

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Solar Panel Life Cycle Analysis Proves Sustainability

“What happens to a solar panel at the end of its life?” is one of the most common questions we are asked. There’s no easy answer but a Life Cycle Analysis helps us optimize recycling through choosing optimal processes and products.

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Community Solar for your Home

Fill out our online form to sign up to OYA’s community solar program and we will match you to a community solar program. There is no cancellation fee or other costs to sign up.

And if you change your mind, simply write to us and we will remove you from the community solar program.