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Park and Charge with Ease: Solar Carports for Convenient EV Charging

As more drivers transition to electric vehicles (EVs) the demand for reliable and affordable EV charging solutions is rising and […]

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Town of Independence’s Bold Step Towards Clean Energy

As utility bills continue to rise and sustainability shifts to the forefront of political agendas, community solar allows municipalities to […]

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Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentives: The Perks of Driving an EV

As the world continues to move towards cleaner and greener energy, electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a popular alternative to gas-powered cars. EVs are becoming increasingly popular due to their numerous benefits, ranging from reduced greenhouse gas emissions to lower fuel and maintenance costs.

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Transitioning Towards Sustainability: Helping Businesses Implement Sustainable Practices

In this upcoming webinar, you will learn how to implement sustainable practices in your business from leaders in the sustainable industry.

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City National Bank Backs OYA Renewables’ Energy Transition Pipeline with US$27 million Long-term Loan Facility

CNB provided a senior secured term loan facility and other extensions of credit for four New York-based community solar projects […]

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How to Lease Your Land for a Solar Farm

OYA Renewables works closely with landowners to develop solar farms that meet the requirement of the land. Explore the process of leasing land for a solar farm from start to finish.

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OYA Renewables Closes US$216M in Construction-to-term Loans and Tax Equity Commitments for New York Community Solar Development Pipeline

OYA Renewables has secured a total of US$216M in financial backing for the construction of a slate of 15 community solar development projects throughout New York State which make up part of its 2023 pipeline.

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Canada Adds 1.8 GW of Wind and Solar Capacity in 2022: The Key Takeaways of CanREA’s 2022 Report

Recently, the Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA) announced its 2022 report, which highlights the industry’s year-end data. Here are some […]

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OYA Renewables Appoints Highly Accomplished Clean Energy Expert Rob Roberti as Executive Vice President of Project Finance

TORONTO, ON: February 23, 2023 – OYA Renewables (“OYA”), a leading energy transition solutions platform, announced today the appointment of […]

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