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Town of Independence’s Bold Step Towards Clean Energy

A Community Solar Member Story

As utility bills continue to rise and sustainability shifts to the forefront of political agendas, community solar allows municipalities to reduce electricity costs, create new jobs in New York State, and reduce GHG/CO2 emissions.  

In 2021, the Town of Independence in Allegany County, New York joined OYA Renewable’s state-wide community solar program with a subscription to OYA’s local solar project on Independence Road, a solar farm developed right in the town itself. This made the project quite unique, as it gave OYA the opportunity to develop a meaningful relationship with the town and local community and work together to provide everyone with access to clean energy. 

About the Solar Farm in Allegany County

OYA Renewables‘ development of three solar plants in Allegany County, all named after the Town of Independence, provides the local community with access to clean energy as well as financial incentives. All three of these facilities operate on National Grid’s energy grid and will spark economic growth for the surrounding areas in addition to removing the barriers to access to renewable energy that underserved New Yorkers experience. OYA is proud to work so closely with the community to undergo the development and construction of all three plants.

Key Facts about the Community Solar Project

Community Solar Project Capacity

6.8 MWDC

Project Capacity

Community Solar Project Area

29 Acres

Project Area

Emissions offset by Community Solar Projects

7,519 tons

Annual C02 Emissions Offset


Impact of Community Solar on the Town of Independence

With this subscription to OYA’s community solar program, the municipality will benefit financially from cost savings on electricity for the next 25 years. The town was able to subscribe many different government-owned buildings to solar, to begin their transition to clean energy including their Town Hall and many of their street highway lights.


Savings for Each Year


Savings over 25 Years

The Town of Independence’s Impact on the Environment

Metric Tons of CO2

Equivalent Environmental Impact


Gas Powered Vehicles Taken off the Road


Homes’ Energy Use for One Year


Barrels of Oil Consumed

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