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16 May 2023

OYA Renewables’ community solar expert Ethan McSpurren will provide a crash course on community solar and the NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities program, including grants, programs, and the monetary benefits that our programs can bring to your municipalities. We’ve helped numerous communities across the state begin their transition toward sustainability and access grant programs. During this crash course, we share everything we’ve learned to get you started!

OYA Renewables is a local leader in bringing community solar to municipalities across the state, and our mission is to remove barriers to access to clean energy to benefit your community, stimulate your economy, and help foster a greener future.  

In this webinar you will learn:  

  • What is community solar? 
  • The process to subscribe and how to engage your community.  
  • Clean Energy Communities Program and how to access grant opportunities. 
  • The impact of community solar and renewable energy services.  

We will offer a chance at the end to answer any questions you may have.  



Ethan McSpurren

Business Development Representative

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Toronto-based OYA Solar Inc. has closed on the sale of four Minnesota community solar projects totaling 28 MW DC with NRG Energy Inc.

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OYA Solar, an emerging independent power producer, announced today that it has raised additional capital, increasing its corporate investment to $35 million. Proceeds of the expanded investment will be used to accelerate the development and construction of OYA’s 3GW+ pipeline across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic and to fund acquisitions.

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Information session with OYA’s Community Solar Manager and Project Manager. This is a discussion around the benefits of going solar through community solar projects

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Clean energy was a hot topic in New York on Friday, when Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced a planned expansion of the NY Green Bank and a state agency released a report showing that clean energy jobs employed 146,000 New Yorkers by the end of last year.

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